Tape Copy Dept


Entrusted with copying NOC’s vast tape library of original data, Nageco is able to meet

any and all data transcription requirements. Many thousands of old data tapes have been

copied by Nageco for a variety of clients, both local and foreign.

Nageco is equipped with multi-type data input copy machines, including 21 track, 3480,

3490, 3590 (B and E drives) and 9 track. Output options include to DLT, Exabyte, DVD

or 3480/3490/3590 B or E cartridges.


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Nageco also offers extensive scanning facilities for any accompanying documents of the

original data tapes.

Please contact the Tape Copy Department on Ext. 251 or e-mail nagecolab@nageco.com

for rates and further information.



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