Equipment Sale

Nageco has twelve (12) AMG P23 Vibrators for sale, including a full complement of spare parts. These units are parked in Nageco’s compound at Benghashir, near to Tripoli Airport (see location map for directions). Prospective buyers are welcome to visit Nageco to inspect these units on site.

The particulars of these units are as follows:

Vibrator Model No. – P23-M27B, quantity 12

(it should be noted that one unit is a bare chassis, without axles, shaker etc.)

Engine Type – Detroit Diesel 6V92TA

Manufactured by – AMG/Sercel

Year of manufacture – 5 units (incl scrapped unit), 1991

                                  5 units, 1992

                                  2 units, 1999

Vibrator Electronics – Sercel VE416, DSDs (14 units)

                               – Sercel VE 416, DPGs (4 units)

The nature of this sale is on the basis of ‘as is, where is’. All offers should be sent by DHL or by hand delivery to Nageco’s headquarters at Benghashir (see address below). The offer should be sealed in an envelope on which is clearly stated “Vibrator Purchase Offer” and the name of the prospective buyer. This envelope should be placed inside a second envelope on which is Nageco’s address as given below.

Offers are to reach Nageco’s offices no later than Sunday, December 14th, 2008.

Address for purchase offers:

Mr. Khalid Ben Othman

Vibrator Purchase Committee Chairman

NAGECO Benghashir Compound


Birtoota Road

Libya, G.S.P.L.A.J.

Tel. 021-5634670/3

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